Nic Allan is a design studio that produces vibrant illustrations with a focus on cute anthropomorphic creatures and hand lettering. Based in Edinburgh, Nic Allan was founded by Nicola Allan in 2014.

Although Nicola trained as a lawyer, as a creative person, she found her imagination bubbled over during her day job and a few years ago set about creating a collection of greeting cards featuring the creatures that had populated her mind; aiming to communicate those special little moments that we, just like the animals in her work, aren’t always capable of putting into words. Once these went out to market, they were immediately popular with customers all over the world and Nic Allan has since turned into a fully fledged micro-business with new product lines, national press features and growing a base of loyal customers.

From humble beginnings, Nic Allan has grown into a constantly evolving business, supplying prints and greeting cards online and via a range of retailers.

Nicola's work has been featured in Stylist magazine and on the TV as part of the Not On The High Street advert.