Hello! I'm Nicola, an illustrator and artist currently living in Edinburgh. I produce vibrant illustrations with a focus on cute anthropomorphic creatures, the natural world and hand lettering. Although I'm British, I spent most of my childhood in the hot steamy jungles of Borneo which provided me with a very open outlook, exposure to different cultures, flora and fauna. The experience still informs my imagination and work today.

Although I trained as a lawyer, I found my imagination bubbled over during my day job and a few years ago, I set about creating a collection of greeting cards featuring the creatures that had populated my mind (when I should have been reviewing contracts). The aim was to communicate those special little moments that we, just like the animals in my work, aren’t always capable of putting into words. 

Since printing my first batch of greetings cards three years ago, I've been working as a freelance illustrator for both commercial and personal clients with projects ranging from personalised wedding invites, bespoke birthday cards to product packaging and logos.