Hello! I'm Nicola, a freelance illustrator and designer with a passion for creating characters and making patterns. I love creating illustrated maps, greetings cards and wall art, and designing product packaging and apparel. Hand-lettering is one of my specialties so I incorporate it into my work as much as possible.

Everything starts with a pencil sketch though I like working both traditionally and digitally - my favourite approach is to mix both by using ink, watercolour or gouache with colour pencil and then arranging and adding detail digitally.

Although I'm British, I spent most of my childhood in the hot steamy jungles of Borneo which provided me with a very open outlook, exposure to different cultures, flora and fauna; 
the experience still informs my imagination and work today.

With a background in law, I bring an analytical mind to any task making sure the creative sparks are backed up with solid design thinking. My professional background also means I'm extremely reliable. I've been working as a freelance illustrator for the last three years and I'd welcome the opportunity to bring your project to life whilst engaging in a passion of mine.


To keep up with latest projects, works in progress and adventures, follow me on Instagram @nicallanart or click on one of the photos below...